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SmartChimp Consulting was created to give you access to the support and guidance you require, with a flexible solution that meets your needs.

With a range of services on offer, tap into the knowledge and experience we have built up over the last 25 years, to give you the inspiration you are looking for. 


SmartChimp Consulting has a guiding principle set that will without fail deliver our services with the integrity that you can rightfully expect. 


Our commitment to you, is that we will challenge your current way of thinking, be direct and frank at times, but we will completely fulfil your objectives and aspirations over the agreed term.



At SmartChimp Consulting we work with many differing businesses, all with varied requirements, differing styles and unique goals.

Take a look at some of the brands we have and continue to work with.​

About Sean Smith

Sean Smith


Hello, I'm Sean, an Independent Professional Business and Executive Coach based in Maidstone, Kent. Ahead of starting SmartChimp Consulting in the summer of 2017, I have gained over 25 years of senior management and board experience within the financial sector, international shipping, logistics & supply chain and final mile distribution within the retail sector.

I have worked in key management, leadership and directorship roles for multinational companies, owned and ran e-commerce businesses, and equally my own family freight forwarding & logistics business before successfully selling in 2009. 

My experience of delivering projects to the retail, defence, automotive and food sectors for SME's and major multinationals has allowed me to build a knowledge of end user markets outside of the UK and Europe, whereby I have delivered upon projects internationally within China, Hong Kong, India and the USA for my clients.

More recently I engage with SME’s and enjoy working with and supporting a range of managers, directors, business owners and leaders across a variety of differing organisations, to achieve their respective ambitions by providing expert executive support, that can transform their organisation and respective teams. 

The foundation of my coaching approach is one of sustainable change in action. My role is to listen attentively, facilitate your thoughts, challenge you and your ideas at a professional level, to then unlock your own resourcefulness and to help facilitate change and achieve your vision. Effectively, allowing you to refocus on areas you have identified for support and affording you time to build a robust strategy for the future.

Having a coach who will be supportive, empathetic and above all human, is the first step. However, you will also have a coach who will ask you those awkward questions, that will challenge and stretch you individually, will give you objective viewpoints and give you accountability on a regular basis.


For me the most effective approach to delivering a business strategy, creating a high-performance culture, being a brilliant leader and communicating with impact, is one which engages the audience emotionally. I can provide you with clear experience led solutions, focused on delivering value and supporting you to develop your business growth organically. Moreover, I have an open and fresh approach in offering new ideas and challenging the existing, to forming new strategies that will be both practical and successful for your company.

I’m a big believer that human connection trumps all, effective communication behaviours form the foundation of everything else that follows, fun is essential and how we make people feel is first and foremost. This understanding forms the basis of everything I do – virtually and face to face. 

To support my clients and their busy schedules, I offer flexible solutions which are fully tailored around their requirements and never with a 'one size fits all' mindset. If you would like to have a complimentary 60-minute consultation, please do reach out and we can arrange a convenient time to start the process.

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Vinters Business Park, Maidstone, Kent 

Tel : 01622 808998

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