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At SmartChimp Consulting we work with many differing businesses, all with varied requirements, differing styles and unique goals.

We are proud to work with the companies listed below and look forward to working with you in the future.

Ven Morgan
Abby Logistics
RG Law
Forrest HR
Bruno Dalledone - The Health Coach Logo.
Hugh Christie
New Wave
Qi Statistics


James Cole, Managing Director

Sean brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our business - any business for that matter. He has helped us to reset our company and to reshape the business to develop further over the coming years.


Moreover, he has been a huge support to me and helped to challenge both the business and me in equal measures, and over the last 3 years provided me with motivation & vision to reach my goals. 

Matt Gillies, Owner & MD

With over 25 years under my belt as a Solicitor and a business owner it was time for a different perspective on RG Law’s growth and direction. Sean was able to provide me with clarity of thought and validate some of my business ideas whilst shaping new ones. 


Sean provided me with the know how to fully understand my businesses’ financial health and keep track of the cash flow and the bottom line.  Since joining RG Law, for its monthly board meetings, Sean has held me and my management team accountable for our performance, in a positive and nurturing way. If you are a business owner looking to get control of your business I can highly recommend Sean.

Sophie Forrest, Owner & CEO

I've been working with Sean for over a year now, and his support, knowledge and expertise in managing a business from a strategic perspective, has hugely helped me to put this in to practice with my own company.


I see a place for Sean in my company long term and truly value the business sessions we have.

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