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SmartChimp Consulting

SmartChimp Consulting was established by Sean Smith in the summer of 2017. We are a Kent based Consulting Practice and we focus on our three key areas of expertise - Supply Chain, Logistics & Warehouse Consulting, Management Consulting and Personal Executive Coaching.

To support our clients and their busy schedules, we offer flexible solutions which are fully tailored around their requirements and never with a 'one size fits all' mindset.


We will provide you with clear experience led solutions, focused on delivering value

and supporting you to develop your business growth organically.

We have an open and fresh approach in offering new ideas and challenging the existing, to forming new strategies that will be both practical and successful for all sizes of businesses.

Our key difference, is that we 'listen' to our clients and look to unlock their own thoughts to help facilitate change and ultimately achieve their vision.

Sean Smith

Sean Smith
Founder and Managing Consultant

Claire Smith

Claire Smith
Project Manager


Karen Marsh, Business Owner

Rather than working in the business, we are now focussed on our business which has given us a different perspective on what is important and critical. Sean took the time to understand what we wanted to achieve and then gave us the tools to start documenting and measuring our systems and our output.

With Sean's help we have set visionary goals and company values that have been embraced by the whole company. And as a business, we now have departments and teams all working together, towards a common goal rather than having our own agendas.

Sean has enabled us to have a better financial handle on our income, spend and cashflow so we are now in complete control of our finances.

Richard Cole, Business Owner

We were introduced to Sean at the end of 2018, and we are still working with him in 2022.


He has provided my business, our other Directors and myself with sound advice, absolute support through this difficult time and most importantly helped us to achieve some great visionary goals.


Sean has helped to take us on a strategic path, that has been quite a journey thus far - very successful and fun at the same time. 

Gary Raven, Managing Partner

Sean has extensive experience of international trade; working with blue chip client and supply chains; logistics; financial, operational and risk management through a variety of organisations ranging from SME organisations through to international conglomerates.

Sean has assisted turning company fortunes around by overseeing the installation of an accurate and timely reporting system, along with new processes by taking a leading role in supporting relationships and delivering upon stakeholders covenants and expectations. 

Sean is highly competent, efficient, trustworthy and a joy to work with - I would highly recommend his expertise to fulfil other consultant roles tailored to client needs.

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