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Succession & Exit Planning

Create freedom by building a saleable business....


One of the most important factors to consider in succession and exit planning is timing, and choosing the most appropriate time to leave the business for both you and the business itself.


In addition to this, you will need to consider many other factors and ensure you have a robust strategy in place to deliver the best value to you and ultimately allow you the freedom of choice for when you exit your business. 


With our extensive knowledge of owner managed businesses, we will take a range of factors in to consideration to develop a successful exit and/or succession plan based on your individual circumstances.


We recognise that succession and exit planning cannot be taken lightly, and consideration must be given to:


     1) Your financial needs and how long you wish to remain involved in the business;


     2) Your successors and whether they are family members or otherwise;


     3) Other shareholders and employees who have no part in the succession plan itself, but will be affected by the changes;


     4) The business itself – will the business lose value with your departure, or will your customers remain loyal to the business.


     5) The timing and taxation factors to assist in maximising the opportunity of any exit and to help with a practical plan for exit.

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